Emergency treatment

There are times when you need Dr. Geeta right away. Dentistry does not have set rules on how to prioritize your needs. Sometimes the priority is obvious. A life threatening infection is more serious than a broken denture.

What is an emergency? What should you do if you have one?  Any injury to the gums or teeth can be very painful. In some cases, however, the cause of severe dental pain is not obvious. For example, pain that comes on suddenly may be caused by particles of food that got lodged in a cavity and have started to irritate the nerve inside the tooth. If you lose a filling or a crown, the nerve inside the tooth may be exposed, and you may feel severe pain when air or hot or cold substances touch the uncovered part of the tooth.

Your wisdom teeth (third molars) usually start to erupt (enter your mouth) during late adolescence. Sometimes, there's not enough room for them, and they come in partially or not at all. This condition can lead to inflammation of the tissue surrounding the tooth. When only part of the tooth has erupted into the mouth, it can create a flap of gum tissue that easily holds food particles and debris and is a hotbed for bacteria. The inflammation can occur around a wisdom tooth that has not erupted at all and is still under the gums. Swellings are potentially the most serious dental emergencies. Swellings within the mouth are usually due to infection. Cancer, cysts, injuries, and blocked salivary ducts can cause swellings.

While a broken denture is not an emergency, it can be a serious cosmetic and functional problem. That depends on what broke, what caused the break and what the denture is made of. You must take the denture to Dr. Geeta and she will examine the condition of your denture, teeth and gums to try to determine why the denture broke. Then, the fit of the denture is checked. Keep in mind that this is not a do it yourself job. Most lay people who try to fix a cracked denture or replace a tooth that fell out cause increased damage to their prosthesis. Please call Dr. Geeta for consultation and treatment.

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